Best California Approved Wine Refrigerators

Are you a Californian looking for the best California approved wine refrigerators? We understand it can be difficult finding a good California refrigerator approved in California, let alone the best in class.

California allows the very limited quantity of wine refrigerators to be legally used within its state. All the refrigerators must follow strict temperature control as well as a certain amount of energy expenditure. 

The move was taken by the California state in order to reduce carbon footprint due to energy expenditure as well as to prevent load on the energy grid. Wine refrigerators are not the only appliances with such limits. and you should be careful and choose energy-efficient appliances. 

If you are curious about what exactly is California’s law for the wine refrigerators, these are the two main requirements:

1. The temperature must be standardized to 55 degrees Fahrenheit. What does this mean? Well, you could have a wine refrigerator with a bigger temperature range, but to be legal in the state of California, the temperature for the wine refrigerator must always be 55 degrees. 

2. Use low energy so it can abide by the formula of ET=(EP * 1440 * k)/T, where k = 0.85/.  What does this mean? The state of California has determined how much electricity can a wine refrigerator consume, and it can be calculated using the formula mentioned above. This power is enough for proper temperature and is good for your perfect wine cooler. This only applies to noncommercial wine refrigerators.

Now enough of the not-too-fun talk. Let’s get into exploring what are the best wine California approved refrigerators are.

California approved wine refrigerators

Below are the California refrigerators, that can be bought from Amazon (yes home deliver!) and follow the requirements for a refrigerator to be legal in California, which is mentioned above. 

Wine Enthusiast 24-Bottle French Door Dual-Zone Compressor Wine Cooler

As the name suggests, this wine refrigerator comes with a French door. French door cooler to put some aged Italian wines in California, what a great combo it is just imagine! The doors are designed in a way that when someone opens one door, the other door stays close thus keeping the wine on the other side in a completely well-maintained temperature. 

This mid-sized wine cooler comes with a dual-zone compressor, which means the cooler is more effective and better when temperatures get bad outside. This cooler can fit 24 bottles (as the name suggests duh), and overall comes on the bigger side of the things. The French door mentioned so much comes with a glass shield which makes the bottles inside look truly magnificent. 

Dual-zone compressor cooler makes this up to 3 times more efficient than the thermoelectric refrigerators. The two different compartments have their own two different temperature control. This is overall the best California-approved dual zone wine cooler at a very mediocre price point.  

NutriChef Bottle Refrigerator

Unlike the last wine refrigerator, this one does not spoil all the amazing features in the title. Nutrichef bottle refrigerator is a 13-bottle refrigerator that ranges from 41 to 64 degrees and works well for other beverages as well (although primarily made for wine but can fit others in the mix). 

This unit comes with amazing LED lights and an amazing glass display. This is a cute & classy-looking appliance that should leave all the guests over for some wine and cheese amazed and exciting. The Nutrichef brand is a very friendly and reliable name in the kitchen industry in general and we encourage them to do so actively. 

Despite being only 13 bottle spots, unlike 24 on the last one, it is still more expensive than the last wine refrigerator. It does however come with digital temperature controls, decent bottle capacity, and electric cooler, which consumes more power. However, the features like stainless steel, display controls, and child safety lock make this refrigerator a top contender amongst all. 

Kalamera  24” Wine And Beverage Refrigerator 45 Bottle

Like most of the others wine coolers of its size, the Kalamera 24″ refrigerator is a dual zone compressor refrigerator. This mid sized wine cooler is a perfect match for win enthusiasts with above average requirements. Since it is a dual zone refrigerator, it can easily be used to refrigerate other drinks and set its own temperature.

This amazing product comes in stainless steel finish which looks really well on it. However, for whatever reason, if you choose to not display that stainless steel finish and just turn it into a built in wine cooler, then it has the capacity  to do that as well. So in that aspect this refrigerator is sort of a hybrid.

It does come with wooden frames to add to the class, and they can be removed or added as per requirements. If fitting in cans is something you are curious about then this unit can fit 120 regular cans. Of course, to be compliant it comes with proper California temperature setting. 

FOVOMI 20″ Wine Cooler Refrigerator 52 Bottles

Now if you are one of the over achievers who want an absolute beast of a wine refrigerator for whatever reason (no judgement here), them the Fovomi 20″ Wine cooler refrigerator is the perfect choice for you. Well it’s obvious it has the storage capacity of 52 bottles, but it has more to offer than just the storage capacity!

It is a dual zone refrigerator so you have two different settings for different kind of wines, if you choose to do so. Also, there is no need to worry about the temperature getting too low or too high because the thermostat automatically adjusts itself according to the set temperature. You can even adjust the temperature manually if you wish to. 

The design is sleek and as for most wine coolers this size, it is a compressor not electric refrigerator. It comes with touch display, wood frame for the wines which can be removed in case you want to store wines of different sizes, and overall very worth the price for what you are going to get. 

Bodega Wine Cooler

Despite being a 15 bottle California approved wine refrigerator, it is by far the most expensive wine refrigerator? Why is that you ask? The Bodega wine cooler is build in a way that it mimics the natural storage conditions of wine, and an actual wine cellar. The quality of the wine is the biggest selling point for Bodega wine cooler than being able to store higher amount of bottles. 

It comes feature packed with amazing digital display, locked door for safety, adjustable feet for each feet, which is why it can fit it in the unleveled surfaces very easily. Overall it does come with a lot of features, but they better do that if they want to justify their prices even just a little bit. 

Like the other wine coolers that fall in the more expensive side of things, this one also comes with the free wooden shelves which can be adjusted as the need and size of the bottles you wanna store be


In this article we  have listed some of the best California approved wine refrigerators and there is something for everyone in here. Whether you are looking for a small sized, different functionality or anything else, we have recommendations for every requirement and I am hopeful my list of California approved wine refrigerator will assist you in the process of finding your next best wine refrigerator.

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